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October 14, 2005

The Miracle of the Prius

Category: Companies,Conservation,Save Fuel,Take Actions,Technology,Transportation – Tom Harrison – 6:46 pm

We got a Toyota Prius early this year after waiting for 10 months. This car is great. It really does get 50 miles per gallon or better, and really does have all the performance of a regular car. We sold our older Honda Accord and found:

  • The Prius hatchback allows much more flexibility than the Honda trunk
  • The overall trunk space is a little tight but ok
  • There’s ample room for our two kids, (4 and 8) on a long trip
  • Performance is very good (I still have a V6 Toyota Camry, Prius is pretty close)
  • It has all the amenities; it rides well, is quiet, has automatic locks, and other cool stuff
  • It is safe (ABS, Airbag, handles very well
  • We love driving it, and not just because it gets 2x the mileage of the Camry

So I ordered another one to trade for my Camry. Current wait is about 3 months.

This is a case where I really feel like we gave up nothing and got a great, great car that uses much less gas.

Go Toyota!

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