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November 17, 2005

What Kind of Company Wants You to Buy Less?

Category: Companies,Save Fuel – Tom Harrison – 6:22 pm

Perhaps you’ve seen advertisements recently by oil companies. I was struck recently by Chevron’s advertisement .. indeed campaign, to reduce the amount of their product that we buy. BP also seems to be in the mix. Exxon/Mobil seems conspicuously absent.

Ok, the cynic in me says it’s really a PR ploy, but it’s not really — the (smart) oil companies know that we have to buy some time through conservation. They know that if they don’t stop being “oil companies” and start being “energy companies” soon, they won’t have any more oil.

The pessimist in me says that any company that is paying big money to say “do whatever you can to stop buying my product” is in deep trouble.

But I am an optimist.

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