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November 27, 2005

November’s Electric Bill

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Wow, conservation works. I posted preliminary results of our simple conservation measures from October and found a significant year-over-year reduction in usage of about 8%. But we only really got started with our efforts in October, so this month’s bill might be a better measure: over the period from late October to late November in 2004 we used 999Kwh; during the same period this year we used 801; just about 20% reduction in electricity consumption! If we had used the same amount of electricity as last year, we would have spent $29 more.

The thing is, I really don’t think we have made that many changes. And they certainly have no impact on our well-being nor have they caused any inconvenience. I think these are the main things we have done:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs in the 3 lamps in two kids” rooms.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs in the reading lights over our beds.
  • Turn out lights when not in the room (probably a biggie)
  • Hibernating computers automatically
  • Replace dimmed bathroom lights with low-consumption night light
  • Um, I think that’s it.

So what’s sort of amazing about this is that I really don’t feel like we are living in the dark or anything. In fact, I haven’t gotten around to ordering the additional light bulbs we can use to replace some of the more significant usages in our house (we have 7 floodlight bulbs in the living room ceiling that we could certainly replace with dimmable fluorescent versions, assuming the light isn’t too harsh. Our new washer and dryer arrived last week so will show up on next month’s bills. Indeed, I think there are several significant additional changes we can make (like dealing with transformer vampires that I bet will have a notable impact, since we’re kind of heavy on the geek-ware around here.

So, with no pain, and a cost in supplies (the new bulbs) that has paid for itself already, we have reduced our electricity usage by about 20%.

Imagine if everyone made even half this trivial change!!

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  1. […] I started this blog in October 2005, and we started picking the low-hanging fruit of our consumption by November. Over the course of the year we have made a lot of little changes (and some big ones). Our first attack was changing a few obvious light bulbs to compact fluorescent, and a few others, as I reported in November’s Electric Bill (2005). We started seeing them add up, and as they add up, the change continue to be remarkable. […]

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