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December 3, 2005

Guerrilla Office Lighting

Category: Conservation,Save Electricity,Take Actions,Tips – Tom Harrison – 11:13 pm

I looked up when I walked into work last week and noticed a huge array of lights covering the expanse of our office. I suspect most offices are similar: suspended tiles with fluorescent tube bulbs.

I noticed each light panel had two tubes. So I got a stool and took out one of them from one of the lights. I couldn’t see any difference in the lighting. So I took out another and am gradually taking out bulbs.

The is probably wrong, or illegal in some companies. And if it is, you should quit … or at least lobby the CFO of the company who should be happy to save money.

When my mission is done, I will have removed 24 tubes from the area our office is in, probably another 30 or 40 from the adjoining company’s office and if I am feeling bold, more from the hallways :-). So even if these are 25w bulbs, this is still of 1250W running at least 10 or 12 hours per day.

If your office is over lit, consider some guerrilla tactics of your own.

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