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April 15, 2006

Spring Is Here. Nuclear Weapons and Oil. Flowers.

Category: Editorial – Tom Harrison – 9:42 pm

What a day. At 7AM we heard “beeep, beeep, beeep” from the pickup truck delivering bark mulch. Theresa leaped out of bed realizing that our mulch had arrived. I did not. Leaping out of bed is something I avoid doing except in extreme cases of fire. Thanks to my dear wife, our mulch was dumped successfully. Of course it was dumped in our driveway so that our Prii (Priues?) could not get out until we had speread it out. But it was a glorious spring day, and this is the kind of work I simply love to do. We all worked together to spread the wonderful smelling bark mulch on our flower beds, which now cover most of our yard. Hard physical labor is a good thing. We finished the whole yard in record time, and I took the kids to the playground and Carter and I practiced baseball while Charlotte played on the swings.

Afterwards I came back and lay on the little patio in the back, listening to music and reading Seymour Hersh’s frilly and light “New Yorker” article explaining why we’re going to need to fight a war with Iran, possibly one involving nuclear weapons. But don’t worry, they are just “tactical” nuclear weapons and it seems like we have really figured out how to minimize that pesky radiation thing. This latest war would be over oil, of course. No, the nukes are just an actor in the drama, not the plot at all — see, Iran is getting them, and if they do, then they’ll be able to do bad things. Like control the oil. But again, no worries, here, since we can kick their asses, and using our “bunker busters” we can even use our nukes to blow up their ability to make nukes. I felt reassured and comfortable after reading this article.

During the day, the Azaleas were almost in full bloom. After a nice meal, we got the kids in jammies and read stories.

Spring is so peaceful, isn’t it?

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