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April 19, 2006

Make Your Own Seltzer (and Soda / Pop / Coke)

Category: Conservation,Household,Tips – Tom Harrison – 10:22 pm

I am a fizzy-water drinker. I sometimes have my fizzy water with ice, with a lime, and frequently find it goes well with rum.

But then I noticed how many empty plastic bottles we were using each week — ten, or twelve or more. So we got a seltzer bottle, and now make our own. The price for a liter of water from the store is between $0.79 and $0.99. With a seltzer bottle, the only consumable is the charger, which cost $3.50 or so for a box of 10. Here’s my list of reasons why this is a good thing to do:

  • It’s cheaper to make your own seltzer
  • You never run out (assuming you keep soda chargers on hand)
  • It’s never flat
  • No plastics are involved
  • No waste is created, except for the aluminum charger
  • No calories
  • It’s fun for the kids

There are two ways to go. I went the old fashioned way and bought a regular seltzer bottle. It works pretty well, although perhaps the water is not quite as fizzy as it might be. I got my seltzer bottle and get replacement chargers from Creamright (they also sell whipped cream makers and nitrous oxide chargers). Have a few limes around and this stuff beats the pants off of anything you get in a bottle.

Then there’s the way I probably should have gone: the newfangled, modern solution, which actually sounds pretty convenient. This system uses a special charger and can make water on the fly, rather than in batches. They claim to get more bubbles in the water, which would be nice. I guess you send back your old charger bottle and get a new one, which is why the company is called SodaClub. There systems are actually about the same prices as for an soda siphon.

Both companies sell flavors and syrups for making the sweet fizzy drinks that are killing our teeth, waistlines and children. I recommend a lime.

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  1. I also drink a huge amount of soda. I looked at the sodamaker but it was really expensive. I thought there has got to be a cheaper way. Finally I found plans to make a home made system that is WAY cheaper than the sodamaker — I can make seltzer for less than 2 cents a liter! Here is where I found the plans to build your own soda and seltzer system in about 10 minutes for less than $100 bucks.

    It’s serving me well and I am making some delicious sodas! And I don’t end up using all that plastic, or even worse, shipping all that water!

    Comment by margie — February 24, 2009 @ 11:37 am

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