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May 18, 2006

In A Single Stroke, GM Meets 2011 CAFE Standards

Category: Editorial – Tom Harrison – 12:18 am

GM Killed the Hummer. Celebration! The symbol of excess is finally retreating as fast as the glaciers. By taking this 10 miles per gallon hulk off the road, GM has met the proposal by Bush that fleet average mileage for light trucks be increased by 1.8 MPG over the next four years, starting next year.

Close, but not really. Actually not even close.

This quote from MSNBC’s coverage, of Martin Walsh of Hummer is a fine example of understatement:

The H1 gets about 10 miles per gallon, but Walsh said rising gas prices did not factor into GM’s decision. He noted that H1 buyers typically have been less sensitive about gas prices than most other drivers.

Really? Less sensitive? Come on, that’s not fair.

What about The Yukon, which gets 11 MPG City/ 14 Mpg Highway according to the EPA. In other words, also about 10 MPG. Maybe less. And GM didn’t kill the Hummer, just the “H1 Alpha”. No, the H2 is going strong and the H3 is in production, having made the stunning leap to 16 MPG. Many worse vehicles are being driven to pick up the kids at school. No, just getting rid of the symbol is not enough. You have to get rid of the whole company.

But it seems like this is pretty much the current business strategy.

In a related story, The UAW has decided to support the strike against Delphi, the major parts maker for GM. This will of course mortally injure both GM, Delphi and the workers UAW seems to want to “protect”.

My god, these morons are made for each other. Maybe they can all get in a bunch of Hummer H1 Alpha-males and make a big circle on the salt flats and drive as fast as they can towards each other until they crash, break down, or run out of gas. Or maybe their heads will simply implode because of the large vacuum inside.

OK, I’ll calm down now.

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