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June 15, 2006

Make a Pledge to Change a Bulb

Category: Conservation,Household,Save Electricity,Technology – Tom Harrison – 8:30 pm

Environmental Defense has the slogan “Finding the Ways that Work” which is exactly what we’re trying to do. They have a campaign going asking a simple thing: pledge to change a light bulb to a Compact Fluorescent (CF). It’s simple and think hard: isn’t there one light you could replace?

Our experience with CF has been great. We now have them in all of the parts of our house where we need light. The first ones we got were “natural sunlight” or something, which is very blue and unpleasant (but quite good for reading). Then we got some regular ones which were just regular ugly fluorescent color. Then we got the 2700K “warm” ones, and they are great. They come in lots of different configurations including ones that are like regular bulbs. They look nice and shed good light. They are not that expensive, and while a little more they last 5x or more longer. And they use 1/6th as much electricity.

C’mon — can’t you think of one bulb you can change? How about an outdoor bulb, or basement, or garage, or attic, or reading, or … there are plenty of places to look.

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