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August 1, 2006

Environmental Action: MoveOn’s Model, for the Environment

Category: Cool Sites,Policy,Political,Take Actions – Tom Harrison – 9:39 pm has a great and tremendously effective model for causing change on the broad issues in politics. They started just by sending a few emails to friends, and their message was good, and MoveOn caught on. They are now a major political force and very well funded.

The group Environmental Action seems to have borrowed this model, with a focus on environmental change. They have the right idea, but where MoveOn gets tens of thousands of contributions in a few days, Environmental Action is not yet of the same force and magnitude. But it’s clear that they have the right stuff, both technically, and more importantly in their message. They need your help to get the ball rolling.

Indeed, this group claims to be a re-formation of the same movement responsible for convincing the Nixon administration to sign the Clean Air Act and others:

Some of the most successful activists of the past several decades have revived Environmental Action. Our mission is to deliver impassioned, results-oriented activism that protects our environment from special interest polluters and their allies in government.

Sign up for their email letter. It’s not too frequent and not too strident, and they identify and coalesce important political issues, and provide a number of ways for you to help. My favorites are the pre-written letters to your representatives in office; they write the letter and give you a web form to fill out, then the letter is sent. They also occasionally ask for money for specific efforts, and they also ask you to spread the word.

So I hope this is how I can spread the word. Will you join?

Environmental Action is a great idea, and if it could be a fraction as successful as MoveOn, they could be one of the key forces to cause environmental change in our politics. Give it a try!

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