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September 1, 2006

Lather, Rinse, Don’t Repeat

Category: Conservation,Household,Save Water,Tips – Tom Harrison – 9:41 am

I just washed my hands and was about to go for the second pump of soap when it occurred to me that one pump was plenty.

I recall washing my hair for the first time when I was 7 or 8 and reading the instructions on the bottle: “lather, rinse, repeat”; it occurred to me later (much later) that one washing was plenty, and later still that the “repeat” part effectively doubled how much product Proctor and Gamble sells.

Have you noticed the great convenience of “ultra concentrated” dish soaps; they charge twice as much but you don’t use half as much? I was hungry when I shopped for dinner last night. We made stir-fry, and I got about twice as many vegetables as needed. Would you like to super-size that?

We’re all conditioned to consume more. We are willing participants in a long-standing game between marketers who want to sell more and us consumers who (secretly) want to consume more. Perhaps because the marketers have been telling us to consume since well before we were able to read a shampoo bottle.

I say: resist! Don’t repeat!

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