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October 29, 2006

The Difference Between Good Mileage and Not Driving

Category: Conservation,Save Fuel,Transportation – Tom Harrison – 10:26 am

The distance from my home to work is about 7 miles. Every day I do ride my bike to work, I do not drive my car there or back.

So, I do not use 1/50th of a gallon of gas every time I do not drive a mile.

Over the last few months since we moved our office to Cambridge, MA (a city openly hostile to cars) I have not driven about 50 times.

So I calculate that I have not used 7 * 2 * 1/50th * 50 = 14 gallons of gas. My only regret is that I was not driving my Prius, since if I were not driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD, I would have not used 5 times as much gasoline, or 70 gallons!

Conclusion, I should be not driving a Grand Cherokee!

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