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December 4, 2006

Another Year-over-year Electicity Use Reduction

Category: Conservation,Save Electricity,Take Actions,Tips – Tom Harrison – 10:04 pm

I started this blog in October 2005, and we started picking the low-hanging fruit of our consumption by November. Over the course of the year we have made a lot of little changes (and some big ones). Our first attack was changing a few obvious light bulbs to compact fluorescent, and a few others, as I reported in November’s Electric Bill (2005). We started seeing them add up, and as they add up, the change continue to be remarkable.

Our electricity consumption for November 2005 was about 20% less than the same period in 2004. According to our current bill, we used 801 Kwh of electricity in 11/2005, and 588 in 11/2006. Yeah, that’s right, we have saved an additional 27% year over year. It’s simply amazing to me what can happen when little changes add up.

Rock on (and turn the lights off!)

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  1. CF bulbs are awesome, we’ve replaced all of the fixtures that can use them. We still have several halogen fixtures, though, and a couple of incandescent bulbs in places that need instant on/off.

    Last winter I made a pass at consolidating the house computing infrastructure – merging various old servers and swapping CRTs to flat panels. At the time, I replaced a shelf of fairly antique PC servers with used but newer units, including a retired notebook computer. I’m toying with the idea of replacing/upgrading the current systems with one of the newer Opteron servers, to get the less power / runs cooler / faster system effect.

    Those systems are on 24×7, so reducing the power consumption made a visible dent in the electric bill when I changed it last year.

    Comment by Ho John Lee — December 12, 2006 @ 3:11 am

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