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April 15, 2007

GreenDimes Update: Stop Junk Mail

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We joined GreenDimes probably six months ago, and our mailbox is a much happier place. Use GreenDimes to stop junk mail and unwanted catalogs — they’ll remove your name from catalog mailing lists. Mostly, it’s just automatic, since they know all the places to contact to effectively remove your name from lists. Still, some catalogs would come, and you could add them to a list. When we joined, the process for adding catalogs was pretty painful and time consuming. I wrote a while back that the jury was still out for me on the efficacy of the service, but now I’m convinced its a good thing.

One great addition: they have added a much simpler way of adding new catalogs to stop: just type in the name of the company — in most cases, they already have a listing (even for some local companies, which I was pleasantly surprised by). In any case, you can now just type in the name and hit “Add” — I guess they look up companies they don’t already have in their database based on what you type in, and once added, they’ll show up in the list for other users. Smart.

I like GreenDimes because it’s more than stopping junk mail, they also plant trees. I think the cost has been well worth it for our formerly catalog laden household.


  1. Hey, thanks for posting about GreenDimes services. It is awesome to be able to put a hold on the 560 pieces of junk mail that we will each receive this year and have trees planted for you as well.
    Check them out!

    Comment by Kendra — April 16, 2007 @ 5:58 pm

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