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June 3, 2007

Need Advice: How to say thank you to a man with a gas mower

Category: Garden,Little Things,Observations,Take Actions,Tips – Tom Harrison – 4:47 pm

We have incredible neighbors. All of my stories about neighbors are actually fictional constructs based very much on the behaviors of people who act a lot like my neighbors; no actual neighbors should construe any malfeasance, distaste, dis-respect or anything like that; no neighbors were harmed in the making of this blog.

We have incredible neighbors. Today for example, while I was out playing Frisbee with Carter and a few other boys from the ‘hood, a neighbor was mowing his lawn. As he got through his, he moved to the next neighbor’s, and then, he moved to my lawn. This is just a person who is generous. How cool is that?

So how uncool is it of me to have had the following thought: “my god that gas powered mower is loud and stinks”, and then when he moved to my lawn thinking “oh my god, he’s cutting my beautiful long, lush lawn too short; it’s going to get all … gassy and everything”. What kind of thought is that, anyway?

Well, that’s the thought I had. I have gone over the top indeed.

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