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September 8, 2007

Living with Ed (I learned a thing or two)

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I just watched an episode of Living with Ed which plays on HGTV (Home and Garden TV, I guess?). I learned a few things. For example, it hadn’t occurred to me that compact fluorescent lights produce less heat, which is good in the summer, and just a lousy way to heat your house in the winter.

Or, if you have a pool, you don’t need to clean it as much, and you can use ozone instead of chlorine. I don’t have a pool, but if I did, I would have been able to make a simple change: reset the timer.

It’s a good show — funny, light hearted, and useful. And, it’s set outside of Hollywood, so there are always friends who just happen to be movie stars showing up. Give it a look.

Ed Begley, an actor (used to be on St. Elsewhere) turned environmentalist and his wife Rachelle Carson (model and actress) ham it up in a fun way to show how over-the-top Ed is with his environmental home projects while she rolls her (pretty) eyes and explains how what he does can fit with our American lifestyle.

He rides his bike, owns an electric car, cooks with a solar oven, and otherwise is generally over the top. I can relate to him. His wife is a little more normal, and finds ways to put the sometimes crazy things Ed says in perspective.

Together, they both espouse the general idea that you cam make incremental, small changes and make a difference. “Start with the low-hanging fruit”, says Ed. Right on.

I like this show because it gets to a really important issue we all face: the all-or-nothing problem. Ed is “green”. Are the rest of us some other color? No! There are many shades of green, and it’s important to realize that just because yours or mine might be a little browner than possible, you can make yourself greener.

And it’s easy. Painless. Simple. And yes, it saves money, too.

So go, Ed and Rachelle!

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