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September 13, 2007

Victory in the Courts: Yes, cars should be more efficient

Category: Little Things,Policy,Political,Transportation – Tom Harrison – 9:18 pm

With the aid of lawyers from, an important ruling was handed down today, allowing states to require specific conditions for cars sold there. California has been doing this for years, but the Bush Administration tried to reject this practice. Now 14 states can set their own rules. In your face, EPA.

Perhaps the states could give some ideas to the federal government while they are at it. If the EPA had supported stronger CAFE standards from the start, this ruling wouldn’t have happened, and a single rule could have been used to apply to all states. This would have been better for the auto manufacturers than today’s ruling. But they fought CAFE standards, and States rights. They lost. No wonder we have lost our competitive edge — our corporations spend all their time in court instead of thinking how to actually solve some problems.
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