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Climate Change Is Important: Energy Conservation is the First Step

December 2, 2007

NY Times Article on Green Scammers

Category: Observations – Tom Harrison – 10:55 pm

You know that your cause has reached some level of breadth and market viability when people start using it to sell product. How sad, in a country obsessed with consumption that this is true. And “TerraChoice Environmental Marketing” has taken it upon themselves to define the high road, as reported in an article from last week in the NY Times. Whether it be Green Spam, the people selling shower heads that don’t use less water, or companies who think they just need to buy some renewable energy credits and all will be well, the signs are all here.

We’re getting into the interesting part of the debate on what it will take to really deal with our climate and energy crises.

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  1. Well, I cant agree more.

    Comment by Ryan — December 5, 2007 @ 6:39 pm

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