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December 16, 2007

Oygenics Elite 700 Water Saving Low Flow Shower Head Review

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Our Favorite

Our Favorite

I think we found a winner: the Oxygenics Elite 700 provides a very pleasing, comfortable, and efficient shower with very, very little water — as little as 1 gallon per minute. I beats our older model, which was surprisingly good, providing a better shower but using 1/3 to 1/2 the water! It blows away the Delta low-flow shower head I reviewed last week; most efficient and much, much nicer. I am still curious about the Bricor model reviewed by GreenGear.

Not to be outdone by GreenGear’s high-tech bathroom videography, I made my very own movie using a digital camera which you can view below. I should have shaved, and who knew I had such a big bald spot on my head. Oh, and next time I’ll brush my hair.

So I was a little skeptical of this product. I read reviews of various Oxygenics products on Amazon, and some were good, some bad. Then I went to their web site and was mightily confused by their wishy-washy pitch (sorry, pun not originally intended). Was their product supposed to feel good? Make you healthier? Save water? Lots of cool flashy demos, not a lot of raw information. The specs, in particular were very unclear on how much water this shower head used. So I bought one, the Elite Shower 700 series (chrome), knowing Amazon’s return policy is awesome. Despite their best efforts to confuse me, I think I found a good shower head that I can unequivocally recommend.

The water spray covers your whole body, and the droplets are big enough to carry the heat of the water so that the shower is comfortable, even on a cold day. It really doesn’t feel like you’re giving anything up, and indeed, it actually feels invigorating (without being enervating). One error in my video: the model I bought was $34.95 (with free shipping from Amazon), not $50 or so as I said. This price makes for a nice middle ground between the miserable Delta product and the undoubtedly great Bricor models.

One item I mention in the video that I think is worth emphasizing is that I also bought a shutoff valve. This simple device installs in between the shower head and the regular spout. Regardless of which shower head you choose, this is a good thing to have. In the end, the total amount of water used in the shower is what matters, and if you are reasonably warm, turning the shower entirely off is a great idea while you lather up or shave. If you shower for 5 minutes or so and have the water off for 1 minute or so, that’s another 20% savings, right?

Ok, without further ado, here is my premier, first ever, possibly last YouTube posting. For the large majority of women who have never seen me in the shower before, I urge you to restrain yourself, as you are about to witness my unmitigated hotness. And bald spot.


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