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April 3, 2008

We Campaign: Focused on Global Warming

Category: Climate Change,Cool Sites,Policy – Tom Harrison – 9:35 am

Did you see the TV Ad for the We Campaign? You can see it below — pretty nicely done if you ask me.

The tag line is “We Can Solve It”. This new site is well designed and oriented to educate and motivate people to motivate the government to make policy changes. As part of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, it’s clear what the agenda is, and it looks like they have a pretty good strategy: TV ads, lobbying, send messages to representatives and so on. Kind of MoveOn for global warming.

Here’s the TV Ad…


  1. I agree with you that We is like MoveOn. MoveOn seems to have the same purpose as We but with more money and members. The video is good but I’m not sure what We can do without lobbyists. It seems to me that MoveOn needs to do what it is designed to do before We can be effective. Does that make sense?

    Comment by Debra Norvil — April 4, 2008 @ 12:15 am

  2. we need to keep pushing energy independence. Every other political concern is secondary. If we want peace and a greener world we need to stop paying for oil wars and stop paying dictators for oil. If we want to revive the economy we need to stop giving our money away to oil tycoons in foreign lands. We need to spend that cash on domestic sources.

    What can you do in your own life for energy dependence and a more sustainable existence? There’s some information floating around the internet that gives
    food for thought:

    Gas Station dependence on Middle Eastern oil:

    * Shell…………….205,742,000 barrels
    * Chevron/Texaco…….144,332,000 barrels
    * Exxon /Mobil………130,082,000 barrels
    * Marathon/Speedway….117,740,000 barrels
    * Amoco…………….62,231,000 barrels

    * Citgo……….0 barrels
    * Sunoco………0 barrels
    * Conoco………0 barrels
    * Sinclair…….0 barrels
    * BP/Phillips….0 barrels
    * Hess………..0 barrels

    If it’s true, it gives an indication of where you should and should not buy gas.

    Another consideration: if you don’t use phone books why not opt out of getting a new one 4 times a year.

    Comment by poetryman69 — April 4, 2008 @ 6:09 am

  3. @poetryman69 —

    these are great stats, and seem plausible. Do you recall the source? Can you post it?


    Comment by Tom Harrison — April 5, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

  4. […] We Campaign has been busy. They have been advertising heavily on TV (including my weakness, American Idol), and now have a new ad for your too see. Strange […]

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