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May 16, 2008

Bicycle-icycle-icycle-day-ay (lonely in Boston)

Category: Climate Change,Observations,Save Fuel,Take Actions,Transportation – Tom Harrison – 9:23 pm

Today was National Bike to Work Day.

I encountered fewer riders today than most days.

No Real Bikes Here

The forecast this morning was “chance of rain”. It was warm and dry this morning. There was a fine mist this afternoon. That appears to have been enough to prevent most people who might have ridden otherwise from using pedal power. I rode to work on the three days I worked away from home this week. All were delightful rides. My legs are stronger. My weight is lower (or, perhaps I just feel less guilty about having a nice, tasty meal). I am healthier. I used 0 gallons of gas.

Arm, Leg

Today’s turnout was very disappointing. Can we make no effort, even the slightest, to bring change in our habits, behaviors, and ways? Are we so stuck in our automotive ways that a dark cloud can prevent us from making an extra effort? Is bicycling so fringe, so radical, so impractical that almost no one can actually do it?

Good lord. We’re screwed.

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