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June 8, 2008

Planet Green: Eco TV that’s Entertaining and Good

Category: Cool Sites,Fun,Garden,Household,Tips – Tom Harrison – 4:21 pm LogoDiscovery has a new channel called Planet Green, available on cable. There are a whole set of shows, all with a green theme of one kind or another. We have watched a few and they are varied and interesting.

Alter Eco

The actor Adriene Grenier, whom we know as Vinny on the HBO show “Entourage” has a show that seems to be about a lot of ideas. In the episode I watched, he’s underway renovating a house that will, naturally, be sustainable, use the right materials, and so on.

But the show seems to be more about building a community than building a house. They decided to have an afternoon party, so spent the day getting what they needed. He and a friend went to buy wine (sustainable, and organic, and better). Other friends went to an farmer’s market to get food. A friend made a table out of scrap wood from the renovation.

What’s interesting is that they each met people along the way and engaged them. At the farmer’s market, they met a flower seller who used compost made from the scraps of a local restaurant. They went to her farm, and found she was doing a side project for a friend who wanted a nice looking compost bin. So they built one. Then they all came back for the party.

It’s a bit on the hippie side, but the characters are nice, fun, easy on the eyes, and they make a lot of good points about how we can do things that don’t have to be painful.


We both enjoyed G-Word, a sort of light news/variety show. They had a segment on a company that recycled mattresses (which is a pretty impressive feat), a roving reporter asking people on the street eco-questions, and then a segment on green bikinis (made out of bamboo). Ok, so the bikini segment was completely gratuitous, but I didn’t find it objectionable :-)


A crew invades a house and finds all the ways they waste stuff. I didn’t see the show yet, but they found one 4 person family that was a poster-child for the nature of the problem.

Living with Ed

Living with Ed has been on for a few years, and now joins the family its success may have created. Again, good information, nice balance between “over the top” and “totally doable” stuff.

And many more

Steve Thomas of This Old House fame is back to Renovation Nation. Leonardo DiCaprio is rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas, wipe out by a tornado using sustainable methods. There’s even a Hollywood Green show (a bit of a stretch for my tastes), and a few more we haven’t seen yet.

It’s a sign, I think, that the ideas of being green, environmentally conscious, and the rest are in our minds enough that advertisers will pay for high-quality productions like these.

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