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June 30, 2008

Day Camp Pickup Rules (Revised)

Category: Fun – Tom Harrison – 4:55 pm

Dear Parents of Day Campers,

Idle Your SUV in Red Areas with AC Running At All TimesThe following rules regarding drop-off and pick up have been revised to reflect reality.

Pick up time is 3:45, but please be sure to arrive early so you’ll have time to chat on the phone as you idle in your air-conditioned SUV. If you don’t arrive early, you’ll end up waiting behind the early birds for fifteen to twenty minutes, idling your SUV with the air-conditioner running.

By no means should you park your excessively large vehicle in any of the many spaces along the road behind the camp and walk to retrieve your camper. Your SUV may lose its conditioned air, and this might make you and your camper uncomfortable. Unexpected pedestrians may also cause confusion and disorientation of those patiently idling while talking on the cell phones. Also, campers are very hot from a long day and should get into an air-conditioned environment as soon as possible. Walking all 200 yards could cause heat stroke, carbon monoxide poisoning, and death.

Car-pooling is not allowed as camp counselors are not trained to handle escorting more than one camper per vehicle. Families with more than one camper will have to send one large SUV per camper, or circle around to the end of the line after picking up each one. Bicycling is not allowed.

Parents driving Hummers and Yukons to pick up their campers are welcome to use any of the four complementary gas pumps located along the one-mile idling stretch as many times as needed. The price of refills has been included in the tuition of all campers.

The safety of your children is our highest concern, next you your personal comfort.

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