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July 1, 2008 Bill McKibbon Takes Global Warming to the Internet

Category: Climate Change,Cool Sites,Policy,Sustainability – Tom Harrison – 9:55 pm

Temperature Variations Through HistoryThe drumbeat is sounding louder and louder. In the last few days, a new site answers the question What must we do to fight global warming?, called The site is based on the assertion that we must get our planet’s CO2 levels to 350. It’s higher now.

(Technically: 350 is the number of parts per million or PPM of molecules of CO2 in our atmosphere. This is the amount that scientists believe is the maximum the climate can sustain on its own.)

Bill McKibbon has been an important voice working to convince all of us that global warming, climate change or whatever you want to call it is not just happening, but that it is something we can solve. McKibbon has assembled an impressive cast of many others, including James Hansen, the now famous scientist who testified before congress in 1989 saying we had only a short time to act. is just getting started, but, like Al Gore’s We Can Solve It campaign, this one looks well funded and packed with heavy hitters. Take a look at their very cool 90-second video:

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