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August 15, 2008

Global Warming: Act Now or Wait (take 2)

Category: Climate Change,Cool Sites,Fun – Tom Harrison – 10:08 am

In my first tome post on why we need to act right away to address global warming, I argued that even if you don’t agree with the scientists, there’s still a case for acting now.

Only a few days after writing my epistle bit, I turned around to hear my lovely wife listening to a You Tube video that she had found. It sounded familiar. As it turns out, last fall, I came across this same piece — it’s hard to forget, and far, far (far) more amusing and convincing than anything I could ever write.

So if I was less than convincing or you were unable to follow my convoluted impeccable logic (or just fell asleep after chapter 27), try this one. Short and sweet.

My challenge to anyone: stop viewing the following after 50 seconds. Betcha can’t :-)

By the way, one prediction in the video was a little off; in the end, the author says if we share perhaps 10,000 people will take a look. According to You Tube, more than 1/2 Million Viewers have taken a look. Have you?

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